… even the weariest river winds somewhere safe to sea!

I brought my life this far
To this spot that struggles
Always near the sea
Youth upon the rocks, breast
To breast against the wind
Where is a man to go
Who is nothing but a man
Calculating with dews his green
Moments, with water the visions
Of his hearing, with wings his remorses
Ah Life
Of a child who becomes a man
Always near the sea when the sun
Teaches him to breathe whither
A seagull’s shadow is effaced.

I brought my life this far
White measuring ink-black sum
A few trees and a few
Wet pebbles
Light fingers to caress a brow
What brow
Anticipations wept all night and are no more
There is no one
Would that a free footstep be heard
That a rested voice arise
That sterns splash the jetty writing
A name more glaucous in their horizon
A few years a few waves
Sensitive rowing
In the bays surrounding love.

I brought my life this far
Bitter groove in the sand that will be effaced
– Whoever saw two eyes touch his silence
And mingled with their sunshine enclosing a thousand worlds
May he remind other suns of his blood
Nearer the light
There is a smile that fills the flame –
But here in the unknowing landscape that gets lost
In a sea open and pitiless
Success moults
Whirlwinds of feathers
And of moments that were bound to soil
Hard soil beneath impatient
Soles, earth made for vertigo
Or a dead volcano.

I brought my life this far
A stone dedicated to the watery element
Farther than the islands
Lower than the waves
Neighboring the anchors
– When keels pass by passionately cutting through
A new obstacle and conquer it
And hope with all its dolphins dawns
Sun’s profit in the human heart
The nets of doubt draw in
A form of salt
Indifferent white
Hewn with effort
Which turns toward the sea the voids of its eyes
And supports infinity.

Odysseus Elytis

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