elegy II

At the Tivoli cemetery

The marble colonnade shines against the sky:
a light band of reddish bees wanders
on the flowering cypresses collecting dark honey:
the spring, where many a ghost sits quenching its thirst on living water,
joins its new-born waves to the light.
When the star garlanded with lilies is risen,
Diana of the white veils, her eye shut beneath her garland,
let the murmuring breeze of the stream enclose you!
We shall put torches in the hands of the shepherds,
we shall say to them: ,,Pour forth rich light in torrents
on the paths! Enough souls are dead! …
Go! Break down the doors of the joyless house!
Man’s eye has the charming colours of the sky,
the perfumed limbs of children are flowers where,
with the gods’ pollen, the real man bears fruit!
From tombs broken open gushes the dawn of life!”

Emmanuel Signoret

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