in love and praise of a lady

Beloved face,
take pity on me.
For I live in sadness,
desiring you.

That beauty of yours
has captivated me,
and on account of this (mis)fortune
to my heart,
sadness divides us
at all seasons;
which is why your image
so saddens me.

All my care
is for your praise,
for I cannot forget
the times that are past.
It would be fair of you
to remember me,
for I always served
you willingly and loyally.

Every day
I am sad and joyless.
If only one day
I could see you,
I should take comfort
from the sight of you.
Thus  I should recover
the good that I have lost.

As I was arguing in this manner,
the birds were flying (past);
(and) beside some grass
I found myself sadly grieving.
Then, at that moment,
I remembered a gentle lady
whom my sighing heart adores
night and day.

Alfonso Álvarez de Villasandino

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