Last night, the wind and rain —
Those autumnal sounds
struck against the curtains and screens.
The candle wept,
the clepsydra dripped
and I leaned against the head-rest.
I rose, but found no peace.

All mundane affairs
should be thrown into the river.
Life is just a nightmare.
The only safe path is down into the cellar.
Any other route is not worth the fare.

Li Yü


I hear the stag’s pathetic call
Far up the mountain side,
While tramping o’er the maple leaves
Wind-scattered far and wide
This sad, sad autumn tide.

Sarumaru no Dayū

mount kōya

On a thatched roof
it makes no sound at all—
autumn rain.



Beneath a tree,
autumn wind shows itself
in a single leaf.



Cry out, then, cry—
crickets in your tangle
of mugwort timber!
The passing of autumn
is indeed so sad a time.

Sone no Yoshitada


On the dead limb
squats a crow –
autumn night.

Matsuo Bashō


It can make the leaves of late autumn fall
or spring flowers bloom, wherever it walks.
It can raise waves a thousand feet high
or slant ten thousand bamboo stalks.

Li Qiao

autumn scene

Under the crescent moon
The earth looms hazily —
Buckwheat flowers.

Matsuo Bashō


Autumn deepens —
The man next door, what
Does he do for a living?

Matsuo Bashō

the crocuses

The meadow is deadly though fair in autumn
Cows grazing there
Slowly are poisoned
There crocuses color of eye-ring color of lilac
Bloom your eyes like these flowers
Like their rings and like autumn are violet
My life from your eyes slowly takes poison

School children noisily come
Wearing jackets playing harmonicas
To pick crocuses that are like mothers
Daughters of their daughters they are color of your eyelids
Fluttering like flowers in a crazy wind

Softly the cowherd sings
While cows slow and lowing abandon
Forever meadows so evilly flowered by autumn

Guillaume Apollinaire