The cherry blossoms
on the mountains aglow
in the morning sun
might be mistaken for snow
that does not deign to melt.

Fujiwara Ariie


To cherry blooms I come,
and under the blossoms go to sleep
no duties to be done!

Taniguchi Buson

cherry trees

If in this world
There ever was a time when cherry trees
Failed in the blossoming,
Then the responsive hearts of men
Might answer to a tranquil spring.

Ariwara no Narihira


Under the tree
the soup and the fish salad,
or cherry blossoms?

Matsuo Bashō


Why is a heart
attached to cherry blossoms
still in this body
which, I thought,
had forsaken the world?


the companion of the moon

Morning and night, a ten-square-foot cottage
filled with peace,
Cherry blossoms by the window, pear flowers in the yard,
fragrance as companion.
Even a gold house cannot match the value
of a scholar’s desk,
A thousand sages and ten-thousand worthies
want you everyday.



The cherry blossoms
Have passed through so many springs,
Blooming and fading,
And even I have grown old
In my cogon-thatched cottage.

Fujiwara Teika


This perfectly still
Spring day bathed in the soft light
From the vaulted sky,
Why do the cherry blossoms
So restlessly scatter down?

Ki no Tomonori