beauty of snow

Men of the city!
I’ll sell you my bamboo-hat,
A snow umbrella.

Matsuo Bashō


In the front of the garden
it has whitely blossomed —
the camellia.

Uejima Onitsura

crossing the mountains

Going a mountain road
Something or other charmed me:
The wild violets.

Matsuo Bashō


Sleeping on a journey –
Is some dog being rained on too?
The voices of night.

Matsuo Bashō

on the road to Nara

The spring has come!
Over nameless mountains
The morning mist.

Matsuo Bashō

clear spring

The dew falls drip-drop:
Would I could dip myself here
And wash away the world.

Matsuo Bashō


A coagulation
Of coolness – is that what it is?
The moon at midnight.

Matsunaga Teitoku


The cherry blossoms
Have passed through so many springs,
Blooming and fading,
And even I have grown old
In my cogon-thatched cottage.

Fujiwara Teika


In morning sunlight,
Glowing along the mountains,
The cherry blossoms
I thought they might be snow that
Had stubbornly refused to melt.

Fujiwara  Ariie

unclouded joy

Here above the clouds
I gaze upon the brilliance
Of such a sun and such a moon,
And I can only feel
How blissful is this fate of mine.

Emperor Takakura