poem 146

She laments her fortune, she hints of her aversion to all vice,
and justifies her diversion with the Muses

In my pursuit, World, why such diligence?
What my offense, when I am thus inclined,
insuring elegance affect my mind,
not that my mind affect an elegance?
I have no love of riches or finance,
and thus do I most happily, I find,
expend finances to enrich my mind
and not mind expend upon finance.
I worship beauty not, but vilify
that spoil of time that mocks eternity,
nor less, deceitful treasures glorify,
but hold foremost, with greatest constancy,
consuming all the vanity in life,
and not consuming life in vanity.

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

storm and calm

I saw die calm light of the red sun clouded,
and its pleasant face disappear in a moment,
and the sky all around obscured
by a most horrible darkness.

The stormy South wind roars angrily,
its fury rises, the storm increases,
and tall Olympus shakes on Atlas’ shoulders,
thundering in alarm;

but later I saw the black veil break,
dissolving into water, and the clear day
happily restored to its original brightness,

and gazing on the sky lovely with a new splendor,
I said: ,,Who knows if a similar change
is not in store for my fortunes?’’

Juan de Arguijo