The cherry blossoms
Have passed through so many springs,
Blooming and fading,
And even I have grown old
In my cogon-thatched cottage.

Fujiwara Teika

ethereal beaty

Upon my sleeve,
Plum blossoms pour their fragrance,
Vying in beauty
With moonbeams filtering through the
And sparkling in the wetness of my tears.

Fujiwara Teika


Rising from the river,
Does the roar of waves break in upon the
Of the Uji villagers,
So that even at night their way is perilous
Across the floating bridge of dreams?

Fujiwara Teika


In early dawn,
The setting moon still glimmers
Above the mountain rim,
But even were no such wall to hide it,
The rising haze would still obscure the sky.

Fujiwara no Teika