Kyrnos, when we are breeding stock,
we look for the best in horses, donkeys, or rams for stud,
to get a good strain; yet even the finest man
is willing to marry a rascal’s rascally daughter,
if only she brings him money enough.


Charon the Smith

Nothing to me the life of Gyges and his glut
of gold. I neither envy nor admire him, as
I watch his life and what he does. I want no pride
of tyranny; it lies far off from where I look.


a discreet purchase

Zeus bought Danaë with golden rain
and I purchase you with a gold coin.
I can’t, after all, pay more than Zeus.


the source

Blind money, I wish you were banished
from coastal plains and the sea,
from the deep continent,
and made your home on Acheron’s shore
in Tartarus.
All the malevolence in man
is caused by you.


true word

This was the word of Aristodamos in Sparta,
and not so badly phrased at all.
He said: “Money’s the man.”
It’s true.
There’s no poor man who’s known as good or valued much.