He who now sleeps here
evoked more pity than envy,
and suffered death a thousand times
before losing his life.

Passerby, don’t make any noise,
be careful not to wake him;
since this is the first night
in which the poor Scarron can sleep.

Paul Scarron

assurance of his fidelity

Oh, how can you distress me
so much, and call me flighty?
I know that Love confesses me constant
rather than you, beautiful as you are!

Just as the perfection of your person
is not to be compared with any other,
so the constancy of my love
cannot give way before anyone’s love and fidelity.

When I promised you to be true
I made no reservations,
and so it would be a great injustice
if your faith in me were to cool.

My heart, spirit, and mind are in you;
I live to love you;
oh, if I am not yours any longer,
then tell me to whom you have given me!

Georg Rudolf Weckherlin


Your hands have made me and modelled me from flesh,
like a potter who with delicate skill
turns a lump of clay into a vessel:
then suddenly You make me stumble.

Remember before You damn me
that You formed me from mire
and slimy mud, and that after my death
You will make me return to dusty earth.

You poured me like new milk,
which thickens and curdles in rennet.
You put together my body from nerves and bones,
then, clothed with flesh and skin,

You gave me life and years,
leading me in the way of your grace,
and by the light  of your divine face
have guided my steps, my spirit, and my senses.

Remy Belleau