There is no moon;
the sun has left for lands unknown;
the circle of the stars and planets
has been erased from heaven.
Of day and night
all distinction is obscured.
What is this crime
committed by the serried ranks of clouds!


the sun

The sun grows steadily from its watered root
by reason of the ambrosia poured from her moon-bowl by Night
as by a gardener girl desiring a new garden,
in fact, the world.
As it grows from out its trench,
the Eastern Mountain’s ring of peaks,
red as fresh coral, may it bring you joy,
this first sprout of the tree of day.



At night the clouds bring the sky within our grasp and
shorten the horizon;
briefly they interrupt the thick low sound of rain with
then, opening their eyes of lightning and viewing all the world
as if to see if any spot of land is left undrowned,
they rain again.



Now are the days of summer’s glory,
which appoints for lust the hour before dawn,
which congeals somewhat the milk of coconuts,
ripens the royal plantain,
and is loveliest at sunset.



Somewhere in Space is set the universe
with here the earth, there clouds,
here oceans garlanded by continents
and there the mountain ranges.
How marvelous it is that Space should be so great
that far from being filled by all these substances
its very name allows it to be void…



All things are cloaked now in the shadows
which they had put off for the day;
the earth, being dappled by the shining sea around it,
the jeweled peak of Meru at its center
and these graceful spots of darkness,
charms the eye.