your sun-face

Your sun-face is a mirror of the soul
I know
An image of both worlds is found within
I know

The artist who could paint one point
on the circle of your beauty
Would be famed as a master in this world
I know

Your glance says, “I will lay waste to the city
of your heart!”
This is a royal order from the Sultan
I know

I can’t understand the deceits of your eye
and brow
One is sedition, the other disaster
I know

You’ve recognized your slaves with the favor
of torment
But it’s been long since you’ve thought of me
I know

Oh sufi, who sees goodness in your hypocrisy
Abandon such thoughts, it slanders the faith
I know

Oh Sheyhi, you need the garden, the beloved,
wine and the saz
All that’s left is the life of this moment –
grief and sadness
I know.