To cherry blooms I come,
and under the blossoms go to sleep
no duties to be done!

Taniguchi Buson


He who now sleeps here
evoked more pity than envy,
and suffered death a thousand times
before losing his life.

Passerby, don’t make any noise,
be careful not to wake him;
since this is the first night
in which the poor Scarron can sleep.

Paul Scarron


Sleeping on a journey –
Is some dog being rained on too?
The voices of night.

Matsuo Bashō

the magical metaphor

While mankind remains mere baggage in the world
It will be swept along, as in a boat, asleep.
What can they see in sleep?
What real merit or punishment can there be?



Rising from the river,
Does the roar of waves break in upon the
Of the Uji villagers,
So that even at night their way is perilous
Across the floating bridge of dreams?

Fujiwara Teika


The world of the waking is one and shared,
but the sleeping turn aside each into his private world.


inscription for a picture

You sleep there upon the leaf-thrown earth,
good Daphnis, and rest your weary frame,
while your netting-stakes are left planted
on the hillside.
But Pan is after you, and Priapus also,
with the yellow ivy about his jolly head;
they are going side by side into your cave.
Quick then, put off the lethargy that is shed of sleep,
and up with you and away.