The wind may rise,
So do the waves, and so they fall
With the falling wind;
They must be loving comrades,
The blowing wind and ceaseless waves.

Ki no Tsurayuki


The cherry blossoms
Have passed through so many springs,
Blooming and fading,
And even I have grown old
In my cogon-thatched cottage.

Fujiwara Teika


In morning sunlight,
Glowing along the mountains,
The cherry blossoms
I thought they might be snow that
Had stubbornly refused to melt.

Fujiwara  Ariie

otowa princess

By what trick of fate
Am I obliged to search for
Even the faintest
Clues into the vanished past
To discover who I am?

a lady


In the tranquil sun of spring
A lark soars singing;
Sad is my burdened heart,
Thoughtful and alone…


eternal palace

But now, though I am told his royal palace towered here,
And they say here rose its lofty halls,
Only the spring weeds grow luxuriantly
And the spring sun is dimmed with mists.
As I see these ruins of the mighty palace
My heart is heavy with sorrows!

Kakinomoto Hitomaro


This perfectly still
Spring day bathed in the soft light
From the vaulted sky,
Why do the cherry blossoms
So restlessly scatter down?

Ki no Tomonori

cruelty of silence

Even the pathway
Has vanished beneath grass and leaves
At my neglected house,
Fallen to ruin with fruitless waiting
For my cruel lover to return.

Sōjō Henjō

nocturnal sky

Not a night goes by
That I fail to praise the moon,
Serene in the distance,
While underneath I am in turmoil
Waiting for him who does not come.

Ki no Tsurayuki


From the very morning
When a fresh year comes again,
New as rough-cut gems,
Most of all I eagerly await
The warbler’s first notes of song.

Priest Sosei