White clouds and whitecaps,
Both appear like foaming waves;
Oh, for fisherfolk—
Surely they can give me answer,
Which are the white waves of the sea?

Ki no Tsurayuki


The wind may rise,
So do the waves, and so they fall
With the falling wind;
They must be loving comrades,
The blowing wind and ceaseless waves.

Ki no Tsurayuki

when the day comes

I want to die when day is fading,
on the high seas and with my face to the sky;
where the agony may seem like a dream
and the soul a mew on soaring wing.

At the last, to hear no other voice,
alone already with the sky and sea,
no other voice, no other sobbing knell,
than the mighty heaving of the deep..

To die when the melancholy light
withdraws its golden nets from the green waves,
and be as yonder slowly expiring sun,
a thing of exceeding brightness, perishing.

To die, and young; before the pleasant crown
is brought to nothing by perfidious time;
while life is still saying ,,I’m yours’’,
although we know well that she is betraying us.

Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera